Dr. Matthew Aney's Collection of Files

Pediatrician Matthew Aney, MD, FAAP has developed this printer-friendly collection of files mainly oriented to medical concerns with Ezzo methods.

Dear Concerned Parent:
Many families and churches have been negatively affected by the Growing Families International parenting program developed by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. If you have a particular question you'd like to ask about this program, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Matthew Aney, M.D., FAAP

Cover Letter From Dr. Aney

Articles listed chronologically


Summary of AAP Involvement in Ezzo Parenting Issue

North Carolina Hospital Report on "Ezzo Babies"

Specific Examples of Problems Associated with GFI Program

Report from Child Abuse Prevention Council of Orange County

AAP News: Babywise Advice Linked to Dehydration

AAP Media Alert

AAP District IV Resolution Passed by Eight States

AAP National Annual Chapter Forum: Resolution on Infant Management Program

AAP News: Resolution Passed

GFI's Comparison Chart of Ezzo and AAP Advice
(designed by Ezzo to demonstrate similarities)

Dr. Aney's Analysis of GFI's Comparision Chart

Review of 1998 Version of BabyWise

Cue Feeding for Breastfed Infants

Santa Clara Valley Breastfeeding Task Force

Child Magazine, Pediatric News: "Baby-Care Book Could Be Dangerous"

GFI Program "GFI: An Extreme Response to Attachment Parenting," by Dr. Barbara Francis

The Journal of Perinatal Education

Open Letter from Michael and Michelle Hsieh, former Ezzo Parents

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton on Gary Ezzo's Parenting Program

"What to Make of BabyWise" by Patty Donohue-Carey


Christianity Today: "Growing Criticism--Groups Back Away from Preparation for Parenting

Christian Research Journal: "More Than a Parenting Ministry: The Cultic Characteristics of Growing Families International"

Christian Research Journal: "A Matter of Bias?: Examining the Response of GFI to Criticism"

Focus on the Family Statement on Ezzo Curriculum

Dr. John MacArthur Statement on Gary Ezzo

Catholic Parent: "Raising Children God's Way? Oh Baby!"

Living Hope Evangelical Fellowship Statement on Gary Ezzo

Christianity Today: "Unprepared to Teach Parenting?"

Christianity Today: "BabyWise Publisher Plans Contract Cancellation"

An Evaluation of the Ezzo Parenting Programs by Dr. Kent McClain

Christianity Today: "BabyWise Almost Dropped"

For Ministry.com: "What's the Fuss over BabyWise and Preparation for Parenting?"


Salon magazine: "Getting Wise to BabyWise"

BayArea Parent: Spoiled Rotten Children?

Ladies Home Journal: "Babies in Danger?"

Bradenton Herald: Interview with Gary Ezzo

Daily Express: "The Parents Who Believe Inflicting Pain is God's Will"

Woman's Day: "Should Parents Be Stricter?"

Tulsa Kids Part One:
"BabyWise? Be Wary!"

Tulsa Kids Part Two: "BabyWise? Be Wary!"

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