Ezzo's email, MacArthur's response

Ezzo's Email (and MacArthur's Response.)

GCC Elder Phil Johnson's Informal FAQ provided the text of the email that had been alluded to in GCC's Statement:

Here is what Ezzo wrote:

Grace is in great transition now. Lance Quinn, John's assistent walked out on him a few weeks ago. He will be leaving in two weeks. Many of the staff have gone amillinial in their escatology, and this has created more problem. Dave Maddox VP at the college and a number of other high ranking staff members there have called it quiits. Pray for the situation. The old Grace Community is no more. Many of us remeber it in its hay day, when we set chairs outside the auditorium because we had no more room to put the people on the inside. Now, there plenty of room. Anyway, if you can remember to pray for Grace that the Church will close out its years with dignity. [Errors in original.]

Johnson wrote, "Every statement in that paragraph is demonstrably false (see below), and there is no reasonable possibility that Gary himself could have believed these things true. In other words, these were lies, not exaggerations or misunderstandings. The donor, understandably troubled to read such things, forwarded the message to a counselor at Grace to You and asked if Gary's remarks were true."

September 1, 1996 John MacArthur wrote the following to Gary:

I know you cannot really believe these things to be true. In fact virtually every sentence of the above paragraph is false.

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