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An Open Letter About The Ezzotruth Site

Summary of This Open Letter

A site called portrays authors Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo as victims of attacks on their parenting programs and personal character by unprincipled people. Because many of the accusations at the site have been discussed in the past, simply suggests two things to consider: whether the Ezzos’ claims of victimhood at the hands of numerous reputable Christian leaders are believable and whether the results in the Ezzos’ own family support their teaching. The debate is wearying, but it is crucial to the Christian obligation to pursue truth.


A web site called has been created in response to criticism (like what is found here on of Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo and the parenting programs offered by their organization, Growing Families International (GFI). claims that the controversy surrounding the Ezzos is the result of “internet gossip and tabloid journalism.” It portrays the Ezzos’ numerous broken relationships over the past two decades as the result of others’ integrity problems and Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo themselves as “gracious, humble, kind, generous” people who “live an authentic faith” and whose parenting approach “wonderfully impact[s] millions of families” around the world. As with past statements by the Ezzos, the site consists mostly of personal attacks on their critics instead of substantive response to the concerns.

Since most of these attacks are not new and have been discussed elsewhere, will not respond point by point. Instead, two simple questions reflecting the Ezzos’ longstanding pattern of behavior are suggested for readers to consider carefully in seeking the truth.

Are the Ezzos’ Claims Believable?

Consider whether the Ezzos’ claims about former professional relationships are believable:

Consider whether the Ezzos’ claims about the media are believable:

Consider whether the Ezzos’ claims about well-respected Christian leaders are believable:

Consider whether the Ezzos’ claims about many others are believable:

These are only a few examples among many Ezzo claims. In Gary Ezzo’s own words about one situation, they “read like an episode out of a daytime soap.” points out that there is “so MUCH” negative information about the Ezzos (emphasis in original). Agreed; there is. And readers are encouraged to ponder why that might be so.

Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo present themselves as victims at the hands of all these people, under spiritual attack because their ministry has been effective. But many wonderful ministries are effective for God’s kingdom and yet do not generate this kind of controversy. Consider: is the Ezzos’ characterization really believable when they are the only ones who have been singled out for spiritual attack by so many reputable Christian leaders and professionals?

The truth is that after numerous attempts were made to raise concerns directly with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, many people have felt compelled to take unprecedented steps honoring the admonition of 1 Timothy 5:19-20: “Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.  Those who sin are to be rebuked publicly, so that the others may take warning.” In contrast, many of the comments on are identified with only first name, initials, or not at all.

A Family Ministry Without a Family?

Readers have reason to question not only Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo’s believability but also their suitability to teach others about parenting. The Ezzos have not succeeded in their parenting relationships with their own children as measured by their own standards. On Becoming BABYWISE tells parents not to look at “the reasoning or logic of the hypothesis” but to “observe the end results,” and Growing Kids God’s Way says, “The relational goal of our parenting is friendship with our children” (emphases in originals). But the Ezzos have not achieved this goal with their own two daughters.

Sadly, several years ago, both daughters and their husbands cut off contact with the Ezzos, and they remain estranged. Both couples have confirmed this to One couple, the Luedkes, indicated that their decision was based on their personal observation of the same types of character issues raised by others and that it was done only after much prayer, consideration, and counsel.

This situation is a true tragedy, but churches and parents considering the Ezzos’ parenting advice deserve to know that the pattern of broken relationships they have left behind them extends even into their own family.


No doubt readers are weary of the divisive debates over Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo and their teachings. The critics certainly are! It is tempting to throw up one’s hands in despair over the whole matter. But no matter how difficult it may be, no Christian should ignore the obligation to evaluate both the teaching and the character of anyone who claims to teach “God’s way.”

Readers are urged: to ponder the many concerns about the Ezzos expressed by so many people; to evaluate the way the Ezzos respond to criticism, including years of false and misleading personal attacks now renewed on; to evaluate the results in the Ezzos’ own family; and to discern with the Holy Spirit’s guidance what the truth really is.

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